Frequently asked questions

How can I schedule?

I have the most fluid schedule I could ever imagine. Being a busy, creative, mothering soul, my super-power is flexibility. Call or text me at 253.310.8005, or email me via this website under "contact" or at I will get back to you within 48 hours. (unless I am on vacation or ill. If you text or email, and do NOT hear from me, call my phone, the voice mail tells all!)

But my schedule only allows for online booking!??!

Congrats on your tech savvy lifestyle! Hang on, I'm getting there! Give me an email and let's chat. I am pretty accomodating, working late at least 2 nights a week and about a Saturday a month.

Where are you practicing now?  What are you doing?

I have finally opened my own practice! This has been years coming, and destiny met opportunity. I have opened my practice alone, in a house named Saravida on the Hill. Located at 1011 S. L Street in Tacoma, 98405. As for what I am doing? What I have always done. Women's Health. I am not a primary care provider, although I do a fair share of it. I am a specialist. Annual exams, pelvic issues, contraception, menstrual issues, genetic testing for BRCA, preventative care, herbal solutions, hormone care, and on and on. There is more, consider it midwifing everything but babies.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, I am in network with most major insurance companies. I am NOT in network with United, Medicare/Medicaid/Molina, Tricare. It is always recommended you call your insurance before you use it with me, to be sure you do not need a referral, and to be clear on your responsibility. I also know how difficult insurance can be, so ask if you have questions, please. cash: $130 -- a full hour. Annual exams, hormone consults, counseling, menses issues, first herbal consult, and a variety of other things fall here. Pap and blood work are always billable to insurance, unless you are Medicare/Medicaid. (see below) $85.00 -- 30 minute follow up only, no new visits here. $50 -- "pop in/15 minute/paperwork like visit"--this also applies to referrals, med refills and blood pressure/medication checks, and injections IUD and Nexplanon are available for REMOVAL ONLY. (more info on IUD/Nexplanon below) Please ask if you have any questions. I am happy to answer them.

Do you take cash?  What are the prices?

Yes!! Cash, Square, gold, some food.... Seriously, I am more than happy to take cash, and provide you a superbill if you are interested in submitting to your insurance company. $130-- one hour visits, detailed above $85--30 minute, follow up, established clients only $50-- 15 minute, quick refills, referrals, bp or med checks I accept cash, cards, check. All labs will be sent to LabCorp, and billed either to you as a cash pay client from the lab, or billed with insurance. I am happy to provide your insurance info for the lab coverage need be.

Is there paperwork to do ahead?  Who registers me and takes my copay?

I do! That is why the visits are an hour. I am committed to being as paper-free as possible, so instead of you filling out paperwork and me entering it later, we just do it together quickly during the visit. Copays are your responsibility, contractually with your insurance and therefore me. I accept cards and cash. Please know your amount and have it ready. Thanks.

Do you still do prescriptions?

Indeed I do. I am happy to discuss all kinds of solutions, and prescription meds are often a large part of a conversation. I also am educated regarding mixing herbs and prescription medication. Due to the nature of our opioid epidemic, and the fact that private practice is already difficult enough, I will NOT be prescribing narcotics in my practice. Again, I am happy to refer you to a primary care on a large campus, who is equipped and supported in this practice. Thanks for understanding.

Do you write for medical marijuana?

I could, but choose not to. Marijuana regulation is still not supported by the Federal Government, and I do not choose to tangle with them.

Do you still sell supplements?

I can, and will someday. Being an herbal care provider, I prefer to stock and sell the herbs. I will happily provide you supplement advice and recommendations. Right now I am focused on making biodynamic, responsible herbal medicine.

Are you going to move again?

Someday. Not anytime soon. The next move would require needing more space or wanting more not anytime soon. And if I do, I'll let you know.

Why don't you take Medicare/Medicaid?  Can I pay you cash instead?

I am the only employee of my office. I answer the phone, do the intakes, chart, answer more phones, reply to emails, do laundry, on and on and on. I am also a mother and wife. I do not plan to spend my free time on the phone with these lovely folks. It requires a staff to take these plans. It is unclear whether it is allowed (legally) to take cash from clients who have state or federally funded programs. Let't chat. I can refer you to a large campus provider who would be happy to see you need be.

What's up with the IUD and Nexplanon insertions?

For me to provide you an IUD or Nexplanon without billing your insurance (if you are NOT a Regence/BCBS/Premera or Cigna customer) costs me an initial $800-$1000 per device. So that means i would have to charge you that, plus my fee. That's too much money. Let me refer you to a colleague, and I can help you with the rest of your care. Removal provided for all- insurance and cash alike, as there is no initial investment.

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What is going on with your practice, and why aren't you taking new clients?

Thanks for asking! As of July 2020 I am not seeing new clients, because I have accepted a new position as a Tenure-Track Nursing Instructor at Clover Park Technical College. I am super excited to be teaching something I love! I will continue to provide care to my current clients. You may notice some slight changes: I will be offering more hours evenings and weekends, I may take 24 hours to get back to you, you may not get in tomorrow. However the level of care I will be giving will be top notch, as usual. And more personal, if you can imagine! Celebrate, this is great news!!


1011 S. L Street Tacoma WA 98405 

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