• Anne


HI tribe. I took a European vacation this month, first one in 12 years and first real vacation since I opened the practice. It was our 20th wedding anniversary, and it was fantastic. Not in the ways that I expected, and certainly not easy. (traveling with an 11 year old holds it's own treasures) I am the first to see the privilege of travel...seriously. However, it is also a necessity to see your own place in the world properly. I learned that 6 hours on a plane is about my limit, even though we were doing 10. I learned that given proper motivation, or peer pressure, I can do 17.000 steps a day and be just fine. I learned that the best shoes are not always the cutest. I learned that I love immersion in culture, instead of tourist drop in style. And I learned it is possible to walk out of this practice, go far far away and recover. And everyone is mostly ok. I learned to try the local specialties, they rarely let me down. I don't know when I'll do it again, but I will. I hope you do too. Push your limits, find out who you are and where you belong. Get out. See something, then go home and be well.

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