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The New Landscape

HI there! Thought I would check in and say hi.

As you can see, my hair thinks it is time to get back to usual habits (wild!!)!! However, our governor says otherwise. Yesterday we were told in WA state, we are to stay in for 4 more weeks. So what does that mean for this's what I plan to do.

I will continue to see those of you who are in need (critical visits). Those are here in the office, with social distancing protocols and masking in place.

I will not return to routine visits for at least 4 more weeks.

The other thing to remember, is that I am also a parent of a young middle school kiddo. This means returning to everyday office hours is not possible, and this is until September at least.

My office hours (the hours I am physically in the office) are Fridays for now. I am reachable all the time, as you know.

The other BIG NEWS is I will not be implementing the Cash Only option. Before COVID19, I had a 3 phase plan for discontinuing my relationship with insurance companies. So many things have happened in the last 4 weeks, and I have decided that I will continue my relationship with the insurance companies I am already "in network" with. This is basically everyone but United, TriCare, and Medicare/Medicaid. So no changes there, let that go..

Technically, outside of emergencies and critical issues, I am a "Phase 2" business on the Governor's I will be here, waiting and continuing to shift into a new way of doing things. I hope you are all well, XXX000 AW

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