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Slow Opening...New Thoughts

HI. It's time to share news..I have decided to close my practice to new clients. I am full. This time out has allowed not only some much needed rest, but time to really stop and look at what is going on. I always meant for this practice to be small, and thanks to the love in this area, and lots and lots of years of working on it, it has grown to almost unmanageable. So...I will no longer be accepting new clients routinely.

This is great news for those of you who are already part of my practice. I will have more time, more energy and more treatment plans. I will continue to accept your insurance, and bill them for you. I know I said I was going to a cash only plan, however, I can change my mind...and did.

Of course as I reopen, there will be questions...ask. I will be moving to a paperless practice this year, and hopefully, we I can start to really dig in deeper with my current clients.

I hope this strange time has opened some new doors for you too. If you have questions for me, ask.

I am not offering COVID19 testing. I am gynecology. I can order antibody tests for you.

And as always, if you have COVID19 questions, please refer to the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department, or the CDC. XO AW

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