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COVID19 Stress

HI. I am here, across from my 6th grader at our dining room table. I don't know what day of quarantine it is, but it seems like day #324.

She is handling it so much better than I am. She hates online school, does it anyway. She has such a sunny outlook on life in general, so unlike me.

I am only seeing the rare client, needing a swab, or has a mass. My profession does not lend well to telemedicine, and my spirit does not do distance medicine well. I am watching, like everyone else, my life shift in front of my eyes.

I thought it might be time for some help....I have some knowledge that could be helpful. I often don't offer, in general, because i feel like this is stuff you all know...don't want to bore you and all that jazz. Maybe that's not the case. Maybe just one person needs to hear this. So here's what I can offer.

My favorite herb, Nettle (Urtica Dioica) is coming up now. It is called Stinging Nettle, and is widely available in the PNW. Right now, if you don't have a place to forage for it, the Co-op, Met Market, Marlene's and sometimes Fred Meyer sell dried nettle in bulk.

Once you get it, (get a few cups worth), you are going to make an infusion. My favorite herbalist, Susun Weed, can show you via YouTube here . Otherwise, you can take 1 oz by weight, or 1 cup by volume dried herb and add to a 32 oz (quart) mason jar. Cover dried herb with boiling water, cover (loosely, I use a small plate) and leave on counter at least 4 hours, or overnight.

Strain, compost Nettle or use for fancy crisps (like in my beloved Moon Juice Cookbook). Drink this infusion over the next 2 days, otherwise it will mold. Keep in the fridge, and if you don't like the super green taste, resist adding honey and try a pinch of sea salt. I think you will be happier, and your body needs the love.

Nettle will lower anxiety, raise focused energy, nourish your adrenals (the little glands responsible for your fight or flight chatter), and this infusion has 500mg of calcuim per cup. (for comparison, 300mg of calcium in 1 cup 1% milk). So now you can protect your bones, while calming the heck down AND get your greens, all in 1 little cup.

More to come, love to you all.


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