• Anne

back home again in Indiana

I recently flew to my childhood home with my daughter. We spent a week in a small town, eating, resting and laughing with family. I find it different everytime I am here. She is 10, and loves Gramma's pool, the quiet and the sun. I am not 10, and love the quiet. It's a place where we can relax, and I can let my "city guard" down. Although like other small midwest towns, there is an ugly increase in drug related crime, it is still a direct vector from our usual urban existence. I spent time with my family. I grieved a death. I do things in my own way now that I am an adult, and it is not always understood, or welcome, but it finally feels good.

I also learned a lesson. A lesson about staying in alignment with myself, and what my truth is. I find that even in the darkest moments, it means I will sleep well, and wake clear. I have little guilt about others discomfort, however, I wish it didn't have to be so radical. Living on the west coast has allowed freedoms that are still not welcome in small midwest towns. There is comfort in stillness, however distrust in stagnancy. I always leave hoping I left more love than disruption, and that maybe I will be even more welcome each time I return.

Tribe, here's hoping you are finding peace, stillness, movement and staying in alignment with your truth, even it if is uncomfortable at times. My 10 year old just wishes they would get better wi-fi and radio. XO AW

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