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It's been a year since I decided to move to private practice. I am so appreciative to all who "knew" it would be ok. I am so grateful to the tribe who show up, even when they know they might find me flat blasted in the dark. I am so happy I get to come to work, everyday, and be accountable to my highest standard. I am also reflective on all that got me here. My hubz and I took a nice long camping trip (thanks Mom!!!!) last week, to celebrate my 47th year. I never could have imagined that 47 would look like this. I have a pre-teen, who constantly demands I grow. I have a husband who knows my potential even more than I. I have a very few friends, who are scattered around this planet, and they hold me accountable to my potential, and they comfort me (thanks Jess.). I have bills that I can barely pay. I have.

There was a time when I didn't have. And I made decisions that I thought best, and I survived. If you are out there, just surviving, and you see this, look at this picture. The river, the crystal, the ponderosa pine, the granite...they are all watching, and they will all survive us. The river never sees the same drop of water twice, the crystal grows against all odds, the ponderosa survives the succubus and the granite refuses to be ground down. I see you. I recognize your fight. I have. I have fight. I have current that grinds down the day. I have succubi. So do you.

The first year has flown by like a haint, and i have to say, bring it on. And I encourage you to say bring it on. We've got this. And if you don't, show up here in comfy clothes, and let's chat. Over tea. XO AW

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