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All the testing....

HI. Me again. Since my last post, I have learned that if you link to my page from here, it kind of makes you lost in my page. So until I can figure that out, maybe link to my page and look around, and then go back to FB, likely where you saw this. For now.

I have recently paired with Pathnostics, a lab out of California. Originally I began offering their services due to all the complicated UTI (urinary tract infeciton) clients I work with. Pathnostics offers a very comprehensive report, blowing most labs away with the bugs they offer to test. My hope is I can use these results with my clients to reduce antibiotic treatment, to reduce repeat infections and to help with prevention. Pretty cool. Most women understand that ongoing urinary issues are at best irritating and at worst, a complete life disruption! So if you think this testing may serve you, or you have questions, I am here.

Also, as far as seeing clients....I am really a Phase 2 WA person. Most of what I do is wellness based, so most visits can wait. I am booking clients now for Fridays in June, and beyond. Why Fridays?? I have a school aged kiddo who does not like to be alone. So, until her summer job kicks in, I am a mom first, practitioner second. As most of you know, I am doing phone visits several times a week and am easy to get ahold of. If you need me, reach out!! I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to see your mental health professionals too. I know they are swamped, however, they are there, reach out!

We'll get through this. I am feeling better. Maybe it's the prospect of our kitten coming home today, or maybe it's just getting used to my new life. Either way, I'll take it. Love to you all...AW

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