• Anne

The Courage To Look Up

27 years ago I set some goals. This month, as I celebrate 1 year in private practice, there is a new horizon. I was unaware that I would need to set new goals. Looking back, I would deny I was setting goals at 19. I am not speaking about small goals, or even "sending our child to college" goals. I am talking about passionate, 19 year old, divinely derived, lofty freaking goals. I am so tired most of the time, that laundry seems impossible to put away. And now I am greeted at every turn with this pressing urge to grow. Upward growth is for the fecund young set. This growth will be the rings on this freshly rooted tree. No longer will marking time entail pushing through the pain, restriction or swallowing words. This growth is outward from ground zero, 12 feet in every direction and entirely dependent on me. These goals cannot be quantified, they will be evident in the overall growth of the tree. Like any healthy forest, my growth will be dependent on my communication and health of my surrounding community. I invite you with this new moon, to set some new goals for yourself. Divine goals. Deep taproot growth. Written work, sealed and honored. The time of breaking promises to yourself and others is done. Look up, it's all here waiting for you. XO AW

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