• Anne

Hello from the land of frozen water

Hello Tribe. I am cozy here in the midwest for the holidaze, and if you have not been out in below zero temps, I suggest it once in a while. Along with the white Christmas, and festivities, it allows one to reflect on how grateful one is for warmth. Grateful for warmth in my home, and my heart. When the air is so cold that your tears freeze and you cannot move your face, so cold that the grass crunches underfoot, so cold that you cannot be still...thoughts become clear. There is no time to be anxious, or sad. There is no time to deliberate, or think. Only time to move and act. To be direct. To be quick and sure. And careful. I advise that if you are not in freezing temps, that maybe you take a cue and be direct, and sure. Let all the frivolity of this time of the year escape you for a few minutes and be sure. Steady and quick. Happy New Year to you all, See you in 2018!! XOXOXO AW

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